LH Radio #7 Golnar Nikpour (B|ta'arof)


It is SHOCKING that Golnar and I had never actually met before this interview. We have all the same friends, we're the same age, both spent our teens lurking at No Rio, I used to go to shows at her old house Jane Doe when I was in my early 20s. And Golnar is as cool as it is weird that we didn't already know each other (very cool). During this interview Golnar claims to be the only punk. We also discuss the pros and cons of growing up in the 90s vs. growing up on the Internet, Golnar's time as coordinator of Maximum Rocknroll, and B|ta'arof (http://www.btaarof.com) the Iranian culture magazine that she edits now. We don't talk about Golnar's band In School (http://inschool.bandcamp.com), but check them out, they shred.

I neglected to mention this in the actual recording because I'm a dunce, but we ate at Louie's Pizzeria on Baxter Ave in Elmhurst and the pizza was fucking GREAT.