LH Radio #18 Kenya (Robinson) (Cheeky LaShae, #TrashDAY)


This podcast almost broke my computer! I just got it out of the shop and the first thing I did was make sure the episode was safe because lemme tell you, folks, this episode is a doozy. Firstly, it's the first episode not recorded in a pizzeria. Wanna know why? Because I live in Texas. Instead, I sat down with multidisciplinary multimedia artist Kenya (Robinson) at Taqueria Los Jaliscienses, one of the only Mexican restaurants in the world where the Jamaica isn't too sweet for me. We discussed growing up in Gainesville, her unconventional path to life as a working artist, navigating the art world as a black woman, why she puts parentheses around her name. Check out Kenya's radio shows on Clocktower FM and if you wanna know more, as she puts it "I'm googlable." This episode ended with a clip of the song I'm Sick by Bondage .