Life Harvester #9: Skull Fest, Skull Fest, Skull Fest, Skull Fest, Badamo's Pizza

LHR #34: Asher Waite-Jones (Riverdale Legal Services)

Life Harvester #8: Piles Part II, Shoes #8, Totally Different Head #4, Binging Crime Dramas

LHR #33 Maddy Court (Xena Worrier Princess)

Life Harvester #7: A Lawyer's Fleshlight, Piles, John McLean's Tribal Tattoo, Tony Conrad "Teddy Tells Jokes," Queen "It's Late"

LHR #32 Ali Donohue (Fleabite)

LIFE HARVESTER #6: Sue Johnson and Queer Joy, Burgers in the Goodwill Parking Lot, A Complicated Death, Hot 97

LHR #31 Sue Johnson (Sue Johnson)

LIFE HARVESTER New Host Test Email!

LIFE HARVESTER #5: Song Repetition, Marilou Is Everywhere, Queercore Documentary, “I’m Almost 40”

LHR #30 Shani Banerjee (Empty Beings)

LIFE HARVESTER #4: Jellyfish, Network 77, Ex-GF Ex-GF Ex-Wife, The Weakly, Lagusta's Luscious, Sagittarian Matters, The Go-Go's 

LHR #29 Gina Favano (Come Holy Spirit)

LIFE HARVESTER #3: My Year of Rest & Relaxation, Nerds Candy, Marc Grillo's Couch,The Green Roasting Tin, Mother!

LHR #28 Margaret Cross (Goldengrove Jewelry)

LIFE HARVESTER #2: Joan Armatrading, A Golden Girls Revelation, Trader Joe's Babka, etc.

LHR #27 Tamara Santibañez (Discipline Press)

LIFE HARVESTER #1: Three Loosely Related Novels, The Television Show Riverdale, Punk Demos & Cardi B, Chili


LH Radio #26 Caroline Paquita (Pegacorn Press)

LH Radio # 25 Mya Spalter (Enchantments)


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